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Financial Details


Forms of payment and balances due:

You may choose from a variety of ways to make a payment—cash, money orders, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or CareCredit. Unpaid balances over 30 days may incur a finance charge.


As a general rule, we require payment in full (or your estimated portion if insured) at the time of service. Discounts are given for payments in full on day of service and for Senior Citizens. Because your smile is important to us, we offer financing options in house or through CareCredit.

CareCredit is a healthcare line of credit specifically designed to pay for treatments and procedures not covered by insurance. CareCredit has two unique features; every CareCredit transaction is eligible for a “no-interest” (if paid within promotional period) or a “low fixed interest” payment plan, and you can use the card at all healthcare practices that offer CareCredit. You can apply by phone at 1-800-365-8295 or online at If you would like our assistance with the application process, you can fill out an application in our office.

Dental insurance:

We accept all private care insurance plans (plans that do not require you to select a dentist from a list or require our office to accept a reduced fee for service.) We will evaluate your insurance coverage, estimate your copayment and only ask you to pay this portion toward your dental care fees. This is ONLY AN ESTIMATE. If you would like to know your exact insurance benefit, we will be happy to file a “pre-treatment authorization” with your insurance company prior to treatment. This does delay treatment but will give you the exact out of pocket amount.

Many people receive notification from their insurance company that dental fees are “above usual and customary.” An insurance company determines their reimbursement level by surveying a geographical area, calculating the average fee, and then determines that 80% of the average fee is customary. Included in this survey are discounted dental clinics and managed care facilities, which have severely reduced dental fees that bring down the average. Any doctor in private practice will have fees that insurance companies define as “higher than usual and customary.”

If you have dental insurance, we will assist you in maximizing your benefits by submitting a claim form to your carrier on the same day you receive treatment. When your carrier pays the claim, we will bill you for any difference between the total amount due for your treatment and that which has already been paid. If, for any reason, we have not received your insurance carrier’s payment within 90 days of submitting your claim, you will be responsible for the outstanding balance. After this 90-day grace period, any unpaid balances may be subject to a finance charge.